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The Alamo Neurosurgical Institute is a comprehensive practice capable of treating the full spectrum of neurosurgical disorders, with a special focus on spine surgery. We practice the most advanced and effective neurosurgery in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. ANI is credentialed at all of the major hospital systems in San Antonio and is prepared to meet patients' needs in every neurosurgical discipline.


Dr. Michael Leonard, one of the top neurosurgeons in San Antonio, provides consultation for surgical disorders of the brain, spinal column, and peripheral nerves. He is a board certified neurosurgeon and experienced in caring for patients with a variety of neurosurgical disorders. We accept most major insurance and managed care plans. As well, individual payment options can be arranged when needed. If you have been referred to a neurosurgeon by a healthcare professional, ANI should be your first inquiry. Welcome to the Alamo Neurosurgical Institute. We are ready to help you.



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